GMAT Books: 1. S@ifur's GMAT Math Technic 
 2. GMAT Math Test Paper 
 3. S@ifur's GMAT Sentence Correction 
 4. S@ifur's GMAT Critical Reasoning 
 5. S@ifur's GMAT BIG BOOK with CD 
 6. S@ifur's GMAT Verbal with CD 
 7. S@ifur's GMAT Reading Comprehention
 8. S@ifur's GMAT Essay # What does GMAT mean?

The elaborated form of GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test.

                       Test Contents
# What are the skills tested on the     GMAT?
  Ans..: There are three sections on the               GMAT:
  A)Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA),       (6 points)
  B)Quantitative (Math) 400 marks
  C)Verbal (English and Critical Reasoning).       400 marks
# What is the total score of GMAT?

Ans.: 800 is the total score of the GMAT. A student can get maximum 800 on the GMAT

# What is the cost of GMAT registration?

Ans.: The registration fee for GMAT is $250, which amounts to Tk. 18000.

# How can I get registered to take the test?

Ans. :You can register online or by post.

# How many years will the score remain valid?

Ans.: The GMAT score will remain valid for 5 years. The GMAC will report all scores of the tests you took in the last 5 years.

# When will I receive the score?

Ans.: You will receive the score within 2 minutes of finishing the test. latter
\          Registration Method:

1) Paper based  2) Online

1) Paper Based — It takes 2-4 weeks for processing if you dont have a dollar credit card. Then make a dollar Demand Draft (DD) from any Foreign Exchange Branch of any national or Foreign Bank Such as: Standard Chartered, Uttara, Dhaka Bank, Islami Bank etc. Remember: you have to register before minmum 2 weeks of the exam date.

2) Online: Only if you have a dollar credit card you can register just one

     day before logging in

# Is there any negative marking on GMAT?

Ans,: Yes, there is. But it doesn’t work the same way as the paper-based test does. You will be penalized more severely in the first few questions of the test if you get questions wrong.

# What is the duration of the test?

Ans.: The test lasts for approximately 4 hours.

# Where is the test held?

Ans.: American International University, Bangladesh (AIUB), Banani.


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